Front Runners Tampa Bay is a Running and Walking Club

Front Runners Tampa Bay is composed of gay, lesbian, bi, trans and straight allies who meet to run, socialize, meet friends and have a great time.

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Front Runners Tampa Bay Founders Are Visiting

Hi there Tampa Bay Frontrunners- I am your founder! My name is Andrew Nance and my husband, Jim Maloney and I started Frontrunners Tampa Bay back in the early 90’s. Jim and I are coming to Tampa for a few days and are gathering on the eve of Sunday, MayRead More…

Hello Tampa Bay FrontRunners!

Welcome to your new website. It was created with the concept of inviting new local people, informing out-of-town runners, and sharing all the calendar dates and photo galleries we can get together. Please feel free to send us as much information as you want and we’ll post it on the site. SendRead More…

We Can't Even Run Straight!